How to Handle a Cat That is Marking Her Territory

Here are some pet-care tips for all the cat-owners here at your pet-friendly East Las Vegas apartment community.  Source: morgueFile

Is your cat getting a little too territorial in your pet friendly Las Vegas apartment? Help her get through this bumpy time with these helpful problem-solving tips. Soiled areas should be cleaned thoroughly, but avoid using strong-scented products. They could actually encourage your cat to continue marking those spots. If possible, make soiled areas … [Read more...]

Top 3 Moves to Get You Fit in the Pool

Here are some excellent exercises you can perform from the comfort of the sparkling pool here at your East Las Vegas apartment community.  Source: Facebook

Living in an apartment with a pool can open up many fitness options for you. Swimming and water exercises are a great way to stay in shape and reap many health benefits. Here are a few pool exercises for you to try next time you head out for a swim: Stand in the pool in chest deep water with your arms down and feet together. Next, squat slightly and … [Read more...]

3 Ideas for Getting Your Kids Back Into School Mode

Here are some tips for everyone who's kids are gearing-up to go back to school. Source: morgueFile

Later bedtimes, sleeping in, and carefree fun are big parts of what children look forward to each summer. Summer is a great break for kids and provides a break from the stresses of schoolwork and tests, but getting them ready to return at the end of summer can be a struggle. Here are some school readiness tips to keep those beginning school days in your … [Read more...]

Refresh Your Las Vegas Apartment With New Decor

Here are some handy tips to help you "spruce up" or otherwise redecorate your east Las Vegas luxury apartment. Source: Facebook

Summer is a great excuse to create a new look for your apartment in Las Vegas. Use these helpful ideas to refresh the decor without breaking the bank. Throw pillows are one of the most versatile accessories you can incorporate in your design. For maximum flexibility, buy pillows and pillow covers separately. This allows you to change the look … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Help Your New Dog Adjust to Apartment Life

Here are some pet-care tips for anyone who recently adopted a puppy or adult dog here at your east Las Vegas luxury apartment community.  Source: morgueFile

Bringing a new pet home can mean an adjustment for both of you. Make the transition as easy as possible with these tips. Start the training process immediately. Firmly telling your dog when he does something wrong will help him begin to learn right from wrong. If your pup seems to be having a hard time learning commands, you may want to consider … [Read more...]